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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

arting with my mom

One of my favorite things about my mom coming to visit with me is the time we spend
together creating. When my sweet mom was here in December, I taught her how to do
needle felting and for Christmas I bought her a needle felting kit and a book of needle
felting patterns. When she came to visit me this time she brought a gift for me that she
made using her new skill of needle felting. Look how cute:

Is that the sweetest bunny or what? My mom also made the darling basket he is sitting in.
I think this is just so precious, even more so that it was made with love for me by my mom:

For our project this time we just did a simple little thing using a cute slip that we found
during one of our antique store jaunts. And a twig found in the parking lot of one of said
antique stores ... the twig had a perfect bend and lovely aged patina for use as a hanger
for the little slip:

Sometimes little things can be the most satisfying.

Did I mention our antique store jaunts? I will show you the goodies I got in my next post.
I let my mom have first pick of the good stuff, her shopping is more limited than mine.
But I did manage to find a few good things. I hope you will stop over and have a peek.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my beautiful apron

Hi, I'm back from my break! I had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad. They left this
morning and I miss them already. It's hard to live so far away from those you love.

While I was gone, my gorgeous apron arrived from Zita and I am so excited to show it off
to you. Zita started with a vintage apron base in the sweetest shade of pale pink with tiny
lace trim. She added the perfect bits and bobs to create this vision of beauty just for me:

I love that Zita used an apron that was sheer because you can still read all of the stencils
on Tallulah Belle through the apron. The top is trimmed out with lace, gorgeous gathered
velvet ribbon and a string of pearl trim. And a pretty millinery flower tied up with a bow

Zita used the velvet trim on the pocket top too, and added the most beautiful vintage pin.
It looks so very sweet, I wish you could see it in person:

As if my wonderful apron weren't enough of a treat, Zita also sent me these:

Isn't that a yummy collection of goodies? I thought everything looked so pretty sitting on
the plate, that I have it just like that on one of my tables:

I have to thank again, our darling hostesses Heather and Stephenie for inviting me to join
this fun and pretty swap. And a huge thank you to dear Zita for the very beautiful apron
that she made for me, I do love it so.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

a wish for you

Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed Easter Day.

I will be offline for about a week as my parents are coming to visit with us tomorrow. My
youngest will be turning 12 on Wednesday, and they will be here to help us celebrate the
birth of my "baby". See you when I get back!

ps: i will still be checking my emails:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

sepia dreams

Lately, I have been so in love with tones of sepia. White, cream, oatmeal and mushroom
too. I find that color palette to be so soothing some~how. I think that playing with my
laces has given me a new appreciation for these colors. I haven't forgotten my pink, let's
not get crazy here. LOL. But, I will try to create more using this neutral color scheme.

A little bag I made using burlap, a corner of a handkerchief, twill tape, and a bauble. The
bird I made some time ago out of clay. His tail feathers and wee wings are made of paper.
He is wearing a crepe ruffle around his neck.

The lady on my tag is from Jamie's new digital collage sheets, found here.

If you are wondering how I did with my laces and sewing project, well here it is. I worked
on it just this morning, I am pretty pleased with the result:

I started with a muslin background, and layered all sorts of laces on top.

The sweet image is from a package I received from Heather, I printed her out on some of
my blue ledger paper from Jamie for a little bit of color.

Look at what my sewing machine does! I was looking for a zig zag stitch to do around the
edge of the image and I found this cute leaf pattern. I love it!

To frame or to pillow? That is the question. What would you do?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

apron swap reveal

I just had word that Miss Karla received her apron today, so now I can share it with you.
This was a swap hosted by Heather and Stephenie. I truly had so much fun creating an
apron for Karla:

I used two vintage aprons to make my creation for Karla. One as the base, and the other
to make the pockets and the yoke.

The yoke and pockets were trimmed out with baby pom pom trims, velvet ribbon, and
sweet little vintage seam binding bows.

The yoke was trimmed with vintage millinery and paper posies.

Karla looks absolutely adorable wearing her apron, you can see that in her post here.
Miss Twinkle is looking pretty snazzy too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tastefully simple re~do

Have any of you tried the tastefully simple products? Well, I happen to love their pesto
mix. Just yesterday while I was rummaging around in my spice cupboard I spotted my
pesto mix and it occurred to me that the little jars that it comes in would be so sweet to
embellish. So last night I pulled out my laces, ledger paper, wire, glue, some bling and bits
of millinery. I did a makeover on the two jars that I had. I think they look so pretty.

I am sure you could do this on any jar that you have lying around:

I think the wire is such a nice touch, they look wonderful hanging on pegs:

I have them hanging with my heart from the last post, they are a nice trio:

Next, I want to try something with lace and sewing. That should be very interesting ...
stay tuned ...

Friday, April 3, 2009

a saver

Well, it's Friday...that means I am off to work tonight. Before I lay down for my nap I want
to show you something that I saved from the trash this morning. Yesterday, while I was
cleaning... I was looking at this thing:

Anyone else have one of these? I think I bought it at Michael's about a million years ago.
Anyway, it just doesn't float my boat anymore and I very nearly tossed it into the garbage
can. But then I thought...just maybe...I could remake it into something I might love. So,
this morning I pulled out a linen runner that I had, my laces, one of my tattered books, and
some glue. Trash became this:

After I assembled it, I went over it with a paintbrush dipped into tea:

Then I glued on some of my vintage buttons and some text:

Inside, I tucked a card that my sister gave to me a very long time ago, and one of my
button cards. I really do love it now. I think it is lovely.

Have a Beauty Weekend!

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