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Sunday, June 14, 2009

road trip to leesburg

What an amazing road trip! We had such an wonderful group of girls, each and every one
of them is so sweet. I really had the best time ever. Let me introduce you:

Front row from left to right:
Hope from Paper Relics
Karla from Karla's Cottage
Beth from Gathering Dust
Stephenie from Just a Little Bit Pink
Robin from Thrifty Miss Priss

Back row from left to right:
Jessica from Such Pretty Things
Pamela from Pamela Janes Studio
Amy from Inspire Company
Heather from Pretty Petals
Andrea from Everyday Beauty

I was not carrying around my camera, so I have to thank Karla for the use of her group
photo and for blocking most of my face out of the pic. Thanks Karla! I owe you one. The
scenery pics were taken from the car. Yes, I am doing that again. Leesburg is the most
charming town, if you ever have the chance to go there you will just fall in love with it.

If you are ever find yourself in Leesburg, Lucketts Store is not to be missed. Now pay
attention, because this actually threw off my car mates and myself. I don't want the same
thing to happen to you. This is Lucketts:

This is not:

This is the side view of Lucketts, just so we are clear:

A little ways down the road is the charming little shop "On A Whim". You will know you
are there when you see the darling pink with polka~dots silo. The owner Donna Troxler is
just as nice as she can be. She is assisted in her shop by her adorable granddaughter, I am
so sorry I didn't get her name.

This shop is a pink lovers dream come true:

Did you ever see a more precious bicycle? I want one!

In a little shop behind On A Whim you will find Prom Dress Heaven. It is TDF, and I wish
I had better pics. Hopefully someone else does.

After shopping we went out for a delicious early supper and gifts were passed around.
From the left: a darling travel folder from Pamela, on top of my folder is the sweet little
bud vase from Robin, the beautiful bag was made by Heather and Stephenie, Karla made
a lovely tag book, and Beth made a crochet towel for everyone. Thanks girls, I love every~
thing so much!

I want to show you a close~up of the travel folder from Pamela. It is the perfect place for
all of us to store the momentos of our trip. Each one was personalized and there is a pocket
for everything. The gorgeous postcard was gifted to us by Hope. Mine will be framed.

About the shopping: It was incredible and I found the most wonderful goodies. I bought a
beauty plate at Lucketts, and it was so funny because Heather and Stephenie bought the
same one. Gloves I found at On A Whim, they are so pretty but they need a deep cleaning:

Paper goodies were found at various places:

I can't go anywhere without buying an old photo. I found a charming book too that
I purchased because I fell in love with the spine:

From On A Whim: a proper lady's hat and the most exquisite gloves:

The glove details are incredibly lovely:

On our drive back home Heather, Stephenie, and I made a few more stops along the way.
I'm pretty sure I found my next pretties in Maryland, but I have no idea of the name of
the antique mall we were visiting. Stephenie was the first to stumble on this booth where I
lost my mind a little bit. These were a bit of a splurge, but I couldn't resist. I bought two of
the sweetest doll hats I have ever seen while out shopping. I am smitten indeed:

The next one is so over~the~top gorgeous and I am really disappointed by my pic. I hope
you can tell how utterly lovely it is in person:

If you made it through the end of my longest post ever, thanks for sticking with me! I hope
you enjoyed my pictures and that I have inspired you to make your own little road trip to
Leesburg. I have to thank Heather for planning this little excursion and for inviting me to
go along. This trip was a dream come true and I enjoyed every minute!

Friday, June 12, 2009

gifts for the girls

If all has gone well, I am now in Leesburg, Va with my friends and shopping at Lucketts
Store. { I am doing a pre~post. It is actually Thursday and I will be leaving shortly to
drive to Heather's house. Pretty tricky, huh?} I wanted to show you the gifts I made for
the girls we are meeting there:

I will post pictures of the trip and tell you who all was there this weekend.

I hope you have something fun planned this weekend too!!!

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