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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

created at 6 am ...

so ... i woke up this morning with an idea for using one of the foofidoos that
Sandra used to decorate the packages she sent to me ... after i got the boys
out of bed ... i went to the table where i create ... and started putting together
that foofidoo with other bits from Sandra's packaging ... and made this:

the doll dress is from the craft store ... one of those muslin things with batten~
berg cutouts and crochet on the bottom ... i'm sure you have seen them there ...
i cut off the bottom ... i thought the dress was too long ... then i shortened the
sleeves ... leaving the edges raw for a tattered look ... i used the foofidoo to trim
the collar ... the cheesecloth is from Sandra's packaging also, i tea dyed it ... the
text is from one of my old, crumbling books ...

the picture is one from my collection ... i chose it because this little one's eyes
are kind of crazy looking ... i like that as a juxtaposition to the text referring to
a holy calm ... the string is also from Sandra's packaging ... it was previously
strung with square shaped mother of pearl buttons ... if you remember ...

something lovely that came in my mail this week ... my OWOH giveaway win
from Tina at Tiny Bear ... beautifully weathered clothes~pins wrapped in lace,
perfectly embellished ... the one in back lacking weathering was whipped up by
me, as i have a love of things displayed in threes ...

and a darling trio comprised of two vintage spools wrapped in lace ... and a
stack of stamps all tied up with a sweet velvet flower on top ... so cute ... i
have these on a stack of vintage white hankies ... the one on top is from Tina
and was used as a wrapping for my gifts ... thank~you Tina ... i love it all! ...

i have been having a lot of computer issues ... my internet signal keeps cutting
out ... so if i haven't been over to visit, that is why ... and i am sorry ... i will try
to catch up soon ... and stop over to see the new girls who have visited me ...

until then ...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

white wednesday

a cream~puff ...

made to order ...

for my sweet friend ...

Amy ...

i am off to puff some more ... stay tuned ...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

vintage inspired

a vision has been slowly drifting though my head for quite some time ...

an idea whispered by my muse ... at first too quietly for me to hear the words ...
i was listening more closely to the pull of the blues ... but her voice became more
insistent ... "are you sure?" i said ... "yes, you can do it" she replied ...

armed with my mission to combine the elements i most dearly loved about this:

and this:

i set about my task and created these:

vintage inspired powder puff wands ...

i had some help along the way ... and i have to thank my darling husband, who
did a lot of the legwork in gathering my supplies when i was defeated by my
mood ... thank you honey for being my biggest fan ... and also i have to thank my
dear friend Nancy from Fete et Fleur who so kindly offered feedback and much
needed encouragement when i sent her photos of my prototype puff ... you are a
treasure to me Nancy and i cannot thank you enough!

the puffs will be in my shop here when i have a moment to list them ... as
always, i thank all of you for visiting with me ... have a beautiful day!

both puffs are sold ~ thank you!

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