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Friday, April 9, 2010

puffs ~ n ~ stuff

or should i say stuff about puffs ... this is a shop update notice for anyone who
is interested in having one of my puffs ... i will be updating my etsy on monday
with four puffs ... one blue, one pale pink {may already be spoken for}, one in
a pale dusky mauve, and one in a very pale gray ...

here are the puffs that i mailed out on wednesday ... the one in the middle is
done in the pale dusty mauve ... it is the first one i have done in this color, and
it is stunning in person ... the color is more of a taupe with a whisper of pink ...

the two pinkies in the next pic were mailed out today ... Kate, yours is the one
in the front ... the blue puff in the middle will be for sale on monday ...

now, i listed a puff in gray as a "make your own puff" on monday, and there
didn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in this color ... let me tell ya ... if you like
a more neutral color palette ... or decorate with a lot of silver, this color is perfect
for you ... it is so soft and pretty in person ... it's a beauty, trust me ...

thanks for stopping over ... you can add my etsy to your google reader if you
want first dibs on any of the new puffs ... and i am always available by email ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

the ocular wonkies

this is so strange ... i haven't had an ocular migraine in about a year i think, and
all of a sudden ... i have been besieged with one after the other ... thankfully, i do
not get a migraine headache ... but the visual changes make it nearly impossible
for me to read ... and so ... once again i am very far behind in my blog reads ... i
hope you will forgive me ... but, right now ... during my moments of visual clarity
i have work to do on puffs for three sweet ladies ...

i hope to have these all finished tomorrow ... then i will be all over my google
reader to see what i have missed ... believe me, i do miss my visits with you!

thank you for stopping over!

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