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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

something for a friend

so, one of my friends asked me to make a little felted something or other for one of their
new friends ... i said i would, my friend is very dear to me, and has helped me out in count~
less ways ... two days ago, i had an email asking the progress of the feltie ... oopsie! i guess
my friend didn't read the fine print in my procrastination policy ... i didn't dare say i had
not even started ...

i don't know if you visited me on my older blog, i had several posts when i waxed poetic
about my love for the nut~cup ... so when i dusted off my poor neglected felting needles
yesterday ... and dragged out my wool roving ... i combined my love of the nut~cup with
the feltie for my friend ... look at her:

i think she is so cute, that i may be inspired to whip up a whole line of little nut~cup
critters ... wouldn't that be sweet? ... i'll let you know if i do ...

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